About Bakhodir Yuldashev, who is devoted to his profession like no other person is. He is the founder of modern video film making in Uzbekistan. Yuldashev became widely known in 2001, when he began shooting music videos. Some of his videos are like mini movies, which made him immediately recognized by his peers and viewers as a high-class professional.


Yuldashev creates bright and dynamic videos for artists from different countries. His videos, shot in Uzbekistan for Russian, Kazakh and Armenian artists, occupy the first positions in all music charts, such as MTV RUSSIA, MUZ-TV, RU-TV, and HIT-TV KAZAKHSTAN. They are broadcast by all international world music channels, such as «MTV», «MUZ-TV», «RU-TV», and «MUSIC BOX». He is producer and writer, director and cinematographer, author of more than 300 videos and commercials.His most famous videos are A'Studio, Maxim, Tea for Two, Leonid Agutin, Sogdiana, A'Studio And Ohm, Reflex, Dance Minus, Dynamite, Nyusha, Mher, Shakhzoda, Dj Piligrim, Eva Rivas.


Yuldashev is the author and director of the commercials for «ALYANS» BANK (Kazakhstan).

His work experience in cinema is more than 15 years.


In 2007, Yuldashev shot «SHIMA», his debut historical feature film.

It was acclaimed by international Class A festivals, where he received several awards for Best Cinematography.


THREEFOLD NATIONAL AWARD WINNER:"Tarona 2001" - Best music video."Tarona 2002" - Best music video."Tarona 2004" - Best music video.


IN THE 1ST NATIONAL AWARD OF KAZAKHSTAN "GOLD CHIP"Music video for "Ulitau" band, "Zhimirov kilish", received the Grand Prix of $300,000


IN THE 1ST NATIONAL AWARD OF UZBEKISTAN «MMTV» Video «Bolaligim» was voted the best music video in 2006.


IN THE 2nd NATIONAL AWARD OF UZBEKISTAN «MMTV»Video "Floors" was voted the best video in 2007.


In 2007, film «SHIMA» was awarded at 4 festivals:At MOSCOW FILM FESTIVAL Perspectives


At IV MFF «XXI CENTUARY NEW CINEMA»   Best Cinematography

At I MFF «Noah’s Ark»                                 Best Cinematography

At IV MFF "VOLOKOLAMSKY RUBEZH"           Best Cinematography

At III MFF «EUROASIA» Kazakhstan            Main Competition

At VI MFF «Soloturner» Switzerland        Main Competition



by singer Mher, was the best video of the year.


In 2010, singer EVA RIVAS's video, «Tamam ashxarh», represented Armenia at Eurovision 2010 in Norway.


Bakhodir Yuldashev is not just a music video director. He is a man who has been involved deeply in creating videos for the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has opened the way to the "Uzbekfilm" studio to all artists of Kazakhstan show business.

Through his active work in the entertainment business, Kazakh artists began coming to Uzbekistan to shoot videos.

Thanks to him, a lot of young, talented filmmakers began collaborating with Kazakhstan artists.

As a master of his craft and an extraordinary person, he has educated the most talented young cinematographers and film directors of Uzbekistan, who are currently working at the international level, such as Dzhasur Shametov,

Nozim Jumayev, Nariman Sultanhodzhaev, and Dilmurad Turdibaev.

They are among the best music video makers in Uzbekistan.